We are OPEN and meet PBC Executive Order Requirements

COVID-19 Policy

We hope that you are staying safe during this challenging health situation and we have implemented specific policies and procedures to allow our company to continue regular operations and provide you with service that has minimal interruptions and meet the requirements of the Palm Beach County Executive Order.  The following has been implemented and may change as we monitor the situation:

Physical Office

Our physical office is temporarily not open the public in the interest of protecting the health and safety of our staff, visitors, clients, friends and family.

Staff Availability

Our staff will continue to be available by phone, email and video conference.

Mail, Correspondence and Deliverables

Our mail and packages will be retrieved throughout the work week.  Payments are requested to be received electronically.  Payments mailed in check format may be delayed in processing, which may delay project delivery.  Please utilize electronic transmittals as much as possible.  We have implemented a 100% electronic engineering certification policy that does not require the manual signing and sealing of engineering documents.  We are working with review agencies on the acceptance of these submittals.

In-office Meetings

All in-office meetings are cancelled.  These meetings can be rescheduled to a phone call or a video conference. 

Off-site Meetings and Site Visits

All off-site meetings are cancelled.  These meetings can be rescheduled to a phone call or a video conference, based on availability and the ability of others to work electronically.   Site visits are temporarily suspended until allowed by local governments/health agencies and measures are in place for proper social distancing and protection.

Delays and Closures

Please note that project work that is currently underway as well as new projects may rely on information and the activities of others including other professionals and governmental agencies.  Due to office closings, travel restrictions, changes in governmental review schedules, lack of agency ability to receive electronic submittals and other unforeseen occurrences, your project may experience schedule impacts.  We hope that these policy changes will lessen those impacts and we will do our best to communicate with you as information becomes available.