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You Have a Project Goal and You Need a Civil Engineer, Make it Count!

If you are in the market for a civil engineering company that can take the lead on your project, a company that will fit right in with your design team, or perhaps and engineering firm that will actually change the dynamics of your existing team, then please read on.

Jupiter Civil Engineering Company is a civil engineering firm that provides professional civil engineering services, design expertise, project planning and construction phase services in the South Florida area and beyond.  Our President and Founder has been providing services to clients in the South Florida area since 2003.  As a Professional Civil Engineer licensed in the State of Florida, his leadership in the private sector and experience in government positions, adds tremendous value to any civil engineering design team.  As a leader of a local civil engineering company, he strives to ensure that his civil engineering design and construction management background is brought to the forefront of our civil engineering assignments for the benefit of the client and the overall design team. 

There are a few critical questions you may want to ask when choosing a civil engineering company.

  1. Does the civil engineering firm have the breadth and depth of local knowledge to handle the proposed assignment?  And, does the civil engineering company have specific project experience and a track record of successful projects?
  2. What additional capabilities will the company bring to the table?  Such as will the civil engineering company work well with the existing design team you have in place?  And, will the civil engineers assigned to the project be able to communicate project requirements to the other team members and respond to the changing needs of the project?

"Project Blueprint" Scoping Document

We offer the "Project Blueprint" scoping document as a service to our clients.  It serves as a summary of the project schedule, goals and milestones and identifies key tasks for design team members as well as projected cash flows.  This document serves to structure not only the design process itself but also ties cash flows of design team members into a cost-loaded schedule that the client can understand.

The "Project Blueprint" document is a valuable tool for clients who have assembled their own design teams.

Whether we provide a formal planning document for your project or not, our knowledge of business and cost issues is a clear benefit to our clients.

A civil engineering company that's Right for your project

Photo of a civil engineer.

From Joseph M. Kusnir, Jr., P.E, MBA, President

Answering Your Questions 1: Knowledge & Project Experience

Answering Your Questions 1: Knowledge & Project Experience

"We operate within a complicated design and permitting environment.  The technical engineering issues are just the beginning. 

 More importantly, our clients face ever-evolving regulatory, environmental, public-stakeholder and economic risks.  

The challenge and opportunity as a civil engineering company is to structure the engineering design process in such a way that maximizes our client return on investment and level of success.  

Good strategy, flexibility and technology are paramount."

- Joseph M. Kusnir, Jr., P.E. has over eighteen years of diverse hands-on civil engineering design and construction experience, having worked in both the public sector and private consulting.  Mr. Kusnir is well versed in site civil engineering, paving, grading and drainage design as well as construction inspection and management.

Answering Your Questions 1: Knowledge & Project Experience

Answering Your Questions 1: Knowledge & Project Experience

Answering Your Questions 1: Knowledge & Project Experience

On the top of the list for project success is a firm's knowledge and project experience.

The founder and President of Jupiter Civil Engineering Company and his team bring a wide array of specific project experience.  Our breadth of knowledge benefits our clients in many ways, since solutions to engineering issues sometimes requires a unique perspective.

Projects ranging from the design of 40-acre municipal solid waste complexes to single-family drainage design projects, to multi-family residential developments, to regional sanitary lift stations and septic drainfields, are all examples of the breadth of knowledge that you will gain access to when working with our civil engineering firm.

Mr. Kusnir has also managed and inspected very large regional construction projects as a dedicated construction manager.

As an example of depth of knowledge, Mr. Kusnir has been called as an expert witness in claim litigation.

Our local project experience on our staff resumes demonstrates our specific knowledge of designing and permitting in South Florida.  In fact over 90 percent of the projects were successfully completed in the geographical area between Miami and Orlando.

Answering Your Questions 2: Competencies & Capabilities

Answering Your Questions 1: Knowledge & Project Experience

Answering Your Questions 2: Competencies & Capabilities

The local civil engineering design and permitting knowledge of staff can only translate to project success under the right leadership.

Jupiter Civil Engineering Company brings the following competencies and capabilities to your project and design team:

  • Ability to complete a wide range of design tasks in-house.
  • Ability to successfully permit projects through multiple agencies.
  • Ability to see the "big picture" when it comes to project execution - hence, our slogan "Helping you reach your project destination."
  • Ability to organize teams, if required and articulate the responsibilities of each team member.
  • Understanding of constructability and implications on cost.
  • Ability to work with contractors on value engineering proposals.
  • Understanding of project costs, budgets, cash flows and your business goals.
  • Understanding that cost matters.