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Drainage statements

What is a Drainage Statement?

A drainage statement, also called a drainage study, is a document prepared by a Professional Engineer usually for the purposes of submitting to Planning and Zoning.  A drainage statement can be requested by a Zoning department, Land Development Department or even Traffic Department of an agency during the preliminary project review process.  The drainage statement usually follows a project through the permitting process until such time that drinage plans, calculations and permits are prepared.

The basic structure of a drainage statement includes:

  • Basic Project Information and Summary
  • A description of Existing Conditions
  • A description of the Proposed Improvements
  • The regulatory stormwater requirements, including the agencies that may require a stormwater permit
  • Specific stormwater design criteria that will be met and a summary of the drainage facilities that are proposed to meet that criteria

Sometimes additional information is requested such as proof that legal positive outfall is attainable or that easement rights are available, etc., especially if the permitting agency is aware of potential issues with such.


sample drainage statement

Sample Drainage Statement (pdf)