civil engineering design services

Drainage Design

Drainage Design.  A photo of a partially constructed stormwater drainage inlet.

We provide site drainage design for residential, commercial and industrial projects.  Our services are offered to architects, developers, homeowners and contractors.  Drainage design services includes the preparation of drainage plans and specifications by a drainage engineer showing storm water drain design location and type as well as storm drain slope, pipe sizing and layout.  Projects range from single family house drainage plans to full drainage systems for developments.

Stormwater Calculations

Stormwater Modeling and Calculations.  A stormwater engineer sites in front of a computer.

Stormwater/surface water management system (SWM) modeling employs the use of various software to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies.  Stormwater modeling services include the preparation of a drainage report.

Site-Civil Design

Site-Civil Design.  Photo of a parking lot and other site-civil design elements.

Site-Civil design includes the preparation of plans and specifications for site layout, pavement, grading, drainage, utilities and hardscaping features.  Site design services include collaboration with the site planner and preparation of a permit set of plans.

Pavement Design

Paving Design.  Photo showing pavement being placed by a machine.

Pavement design includes the selection and specification of flexible or rigid pavement systems (asphalt or concrete).

Site Grading Design

Site Grading Design.  Photo showing an excavator modifying a bank slope.

Site grading design includes the setting of slopes and grades to facilitate proper drainage, consider floodplain impacts, etc. 

Utilities Design

Utilities Design.  Photo showing utility marking on a concrete sidewalk.

We design potable water, reclaim and gravity wastewater systems.  We design sanitary lift stations and forcemains.

Project Planning.  Civil engineers marking up plans that are placed on a table.  One has a tablet.

project planning | feasibility | due diligence

Organize your project from the start!

The life cycle of a project typically begins with a concept of development, a sudden critical infrastructure need, or a task on a routine infrastructure maintenance plan.

The next step is typically some form of planning and investigation.  Some of our clients have a proprietary process that handles new project development and identifies the steps and milestones required to keep the project on track and within budget.  We work well within those plans and fit right in with established teams of professionals.

Many of our clients do not have such a process, however.  For these clients, we offer our project planning services.  We can assemble a team that already includes the professionals you work with, or bring together an entirely new team for your particular project.

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Our project planning services may help identify critical milestones, technical hurdles or budgetary constraints that should be known before a project is started.

Deliverables include a project budget and schedule as well as the critical milestones and entitlements that need to be achieved to make your project a success.

permitting and bidding phase services

Drainage / SWM / ERP Permits

We assist our clients in the application for various drainage permits including Environmental Resource Permits and various other drainage reviews and permits issued by regulatory agencies.

Land Development Permits

Land development permitting includes the submission of plans, specifications and calculations to various agencies having jurisdiction over the development of land.

Right-of-Way Permits

Right-of-Way permitting includes submission of plans for the connection to or work within public roadways and rights-of-way, including driveway connections and utilities installation.

Utilities Permits

Permitting for utilities includes direct permitting with a utility provider or a government entity that issues potable water construction permits or wastewater system permits.

Permit Expediting

Our project expedition services include sending a representative to a particular permitting department to determine the status of a permit or to communicate new permit needs, such as requests for additional information.

Project Bidding

We assist our clients with the preparation of bid documents, advertising for bid responses, administration of the bid process as well as review of bids submitted by contractors.

construction phase services

Shop Drawing Review

Shop Drawing Review.  Photo of a set of rolled up shop drawings placed on a desk.

Some project specifications require the review of shop drawings submitted by a contractor.  The purpose of the review is to indicate if any exceptions are taken to what the contractor is proposing.

Construction Observation

Construction Observation.  A photo of two civil engineers looking at engineering plans.

The purpose of construction observation is to determine if the construction is progressing in general conformance to the plans and specifications and if engineering certification is possible.

Applications for Payment

Applications for Payment.  A photo of a hand checking off boxes on a sheet of paper.

Review of payment applications includes the comparison of quantities to what was measured in the field and a recommendation to the project owner if payment should be made.

Project Certification

Project Certification.  Civil engineers stand in a circle to look at plans.

Provided that the contractor has constructed the work per the plans and specifications, we can certify as such to the agencies having jurisdiction.

Project Closeout

Project closeout.  Civil engineers stand in a room.  One looks at the camera.

We can assist you with ensuring all closeout documentation, warrantied, releases of liens, etc. are provided by the contractor before final payment is made.

Record Documents

Record Documents.  Two civil engineers face a building under construction.

Record documents include as-builts, record drawings, testing results, etc.  We can assist in preparing and/or compiling these documents.