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Drainage Design.  A team of civil engineers stand over a set of drainage plans.  One holds a pencil.
Residential, Commercial and Industrial

Drainage Design

Our drainage engineers have been preparing drainage plans in Florida since 2003.  We offer drainage design services to architects, developers, homeowners and contractors.

Residential - What's Required?

Drainage Plans for Single Family Residential Lots

Drainage plans for single family residential lots are also known as house drainage plans.  Partially due to Federal and State regulations, they are increasingly becoming a requirement to build a single family home in many municipalities.  Drainage plans are usually reviewed by a department other than the Building Department, and therefore a specialized engineer, also known as a drainage engineer is well suited to prepare a house drainage plan.  The stormwater design depicted on these plans not only includes how the stormwater will flow over the property, but will include storm drain design, storm drain slope and placement of storm structures, if required.  The drainage engineer will usually include drainage calculations on the plans or in a separate document to demonstrate that the municipalities' drainage criteria (e.g. water quality) are being met.

Please note that the above information is for general information and every municipality has a different set of stormwater design criteria.  Please contact us if you have any questions on your particular drainage design requirements.

Drainage Plans.  An image showing drainage plans in front of stormwater engineers.

Drainage Plans.  An image showing drainage plans in front of stormwater engineers.

Commercial and Industrial

Drainage Design of Commercial and Industrial Properties

Commercial and Industrial properties have specific requirements when it comes to  stormwater design in Florida.  Site drainage design includes not only the preparation drainage plans and specifications by a licensed stormwater engineer, but also the preparation of drainage calculations demonstrating that specific stormwater design criteria are met.  The criteria include, depending on the location of the site, water quality, water quantity and storm attenuation as well as other possible criteria such as equal floodplain compensating storage, nutrient loading, etc.

Stormwater calculations usually require the use of a flood routing modeling software and other specialized methods to demonstrate to the permitting agency that criteria are being met.

With over 17 years of drainage design experience in South Florida, our drainage engineers have the specific knowledge and expertise in preparing site drainage design plans and obtaining permits from agencies such as the South Florida Water Management District, Lake Worth Drainage District, Broward County, Palm Beach County and other municipalities.

Drainage Design.  Photo of concrete drainage pipe placed in the ground.

Drainage Design.  Photo of concrete drainage pipe placed in the ground.