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  • Video conference/webinars for project discussions means discussions can happen right away
  • Fully online project collaboration means minimal disruption in project delivery
  • Remote workforce implementation means limiting workflow disruption
  • Implementation of social distancing for site activities reduces risk

Expedited Civil Engineering Services

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Fast Turnaround - Expedited Solutions

You have a project and that requires a civil engineer.  Jupiter Civil Engineering Company is a local Civil Engineering Firm with almost two decades of in-house experience serving South Florida.  We have the local civil engineering knowledge, project experience and capabilities to guide your project to a successful outcome.  Whether you have a new project in the area or are looking to add a civil engineer to your existing team, Jupiter Civil Engineering Company is your civil engineering firm of choice.

A civil engineer represents his civil engineering firm by sealing civil engineering docuemnts.

Civil Engineering Services

Jupiter Civil Engineering Company specializes in site civil engineering, drainage engineering design, pavement design, grading and utilities, including potable water and wastewater.     

We are Civil Engineering Consultants and Construction Managers and provide the following engineering services to our clients:

Project Feasibility | Due Diligence | Site Civil Engineering

Stormwater Engineering | Drainage Design | Paving and Grading Design | Utilities

Municipal Services | Construction Management

Our services range from due diligence and feasibility at the start of a project, to detailed engineering design. As a full-service site civil engineering firm, we prepare construction documents, assist in bidding and construction management.

A civil engineer provides the drawings prepared by his civil engineering firm to a contractor.

Service & Solutions

We are a civil engineering firm that specializes in helping our clients achieve project success.  Success is accomplished through detailed local knowledge of engineering requirements, specific local project experience and the understanding of how projects are put together, what makes project teams successful and how projects are ultimately constructed.  

We put thought into how our design can achieve your business or development goals and also put thought into facilitating the construction of your project with free resources such as our inspection scheduling tool.

Whether you want to hire a civil engineer for a specific task, or perhaps want to change the dynamics on your current project team, Jupiter Civil Engineering Company stands ready to help you achieve a successful project.

Engineering Services and Firm Philosophy

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